BTM Use in a Pediatric Population

10 Sep 2020

Professor Kimble will share a broad range of case examples from the 50 patients treated with NovoSorb BTM to date. Of the acute injuries, many sustained burns to the upper and lower extremities – friction, thermal, hot coals and electrical burns – for patients as young as 12 months old.

He also shares the use of BTM for patients with vascular malformation, ulcers, extravasation, congenital naevi, as well as secondary scar revision.

Professor Kimble is Director of Pediatric Surgery, Burns and Trauma at The Queensland Children’s Hospital Brisbane, the largest children’s hospital in Australia. He is the founder and Head of the Centre of Children’s Burns & Trauma Research and the Director of Pediatric Trauma on the Queensland Statewide Network. He has published over 250 peer reviewed papers and book chapters, and has been a keynote speaker at overseas meetings on more than 200 occasions in 21 countries.