NovoSorb Technology

Biocompatible polymers for novel medical devices

NovoSorb® is a family of proprietary medical grade polymers that can be utilized for the manufacture of novel medical devices.

These biocompatible polymers are designed to support different functions of the body and then biodegrade into by-products that can be absorbed and excreted by the body.

The patented NovoSorb polymers can be produced in a range of formats with different mechanical and degradation properties. In addition to NovoSorb BTM, they can be used for thermoplastic extrusions, filaments for weaving or knitting and as a solution for spray or dip coatings of other devices. This versatility leads to a promising product pipeline for PolyNovo.

Leveraging synthetic materials, rather than biologic, means there is an absence of foreign sensitizing proteins, which can help reduce the risk of rejection. Most importantly, because NovoSorb does not contain any biologic material to feed bacterial infection, NovoSorb devices have been shown to be robust in the presence of infection1.

Key Attributes of NovoSorb:
  • Polymers and its degradants have excellent biocompatibility
  • Unparalleled range of mechanical properties and degradation times
  • Versatile formats enabling many product development/application options
  • Patents on drug and antimicrobial elution
  • Scalable manufacturing process
  • Robust in the presence of infection
  • No tissue tracking
  • Devices can be stored at room temperature (≤ 25° C)

NovoSorb is currently covered by 42 patents, all fully owned by PolyNovo. PolyNovo has no royalty or license obligations to any other parties. NovoSorb BTM is the first commercially available NovoSorb product.


  • Greenwood JE, Schmitt BJ, Wagstaff MJD. Experience with a synthetic bilayer Biodegradable Temporising Matrix in significant burn injury. Burns Open. 2018; 2(1):17-34.